We can offer a lot of different types of trips. Have any questions? Contact us


Don’t have an idea for the bachelor party? We can help you choose the right activities and plan the trip. We’ve got a big range of main activities. Pick a preplanned package, or let us plan a unique weekend for you.


Is your business organizing an anniversary trip or a teambuilding trip? We can plan trips for companies as big as 100 people (or more if necessary). Contact us and let us provide you with an offer.


You don’t always need to wait for something special to take a trip. Visit Poland spontaniously! Contact us with your basic informaiton and we will plan everything. It’s quick and simple.


We can organize christmas parties for big and small firms. We provide a well planned christmas party, with great tasting food, and short distance tot he accommodations. 



We have got a big selection of entertainment that we can offer you for your trip. These consist of main activities and additional activities which happen along the way.

Race track driving

We offer race track driving! Have you ever dreamed of driving a sports car on the track? Now you have the opportunity! We have a great selection of sports cars to try.

Paintball, ASG, Laser tag

Do you like to compete? Then one of these is perfect for you. This is a good daytime activity before the party.

Driving tanks

Drive with an old Russian or German tank. This consists of driving over a track that is full of obstacles such as old cars and buses.


We can offer different off-road trips. This can be by car, motorbike or ATV. You can choose to drive on either open terrain or forest.


 This is a trip with an exclusive ship. Here you have a professional crew to look after your every need. The boat has every imaginable drink at the bar, a professional sound and light system with laser and LED lighting. A perfect start to the evening 


Best way to spend the evening. We can offer deals with the best nightclubs, with a nice lady who shows you around town. It is also possible to order included drinks for a better price than usual.


We can make sure you are picked up by limousine at the airport, driven to a hotel and to the party. You can be joined by a stripper. This is for example a perfect transport to the nightclub. 

Shooting range

Here you can shoot with different weapons. For example the AK-47, Glock 9mm, pistol 5.6 mm and shotgun. Everything happens indoors so it is warm and dry. You will be closely monitored by professional instructors who speak both English or Norwegian.

Go Kart

You can choose between two tracks, indoors or outdoors. Each of the tracks is approx. 500 m long. Perfect for those who like competition.

Party Buss

The Gold bus is the bus that has everything you need. A professional sound system with laser lights, poledancing bar and drink bar. During the tour you will be joined by a stripper who performs an unforgettable show. All this is done under the supervision of a beautiful party guide.

Bungee (Strikkhopping)

 Do you like extreme experiences? Then this is perfect for you. You are raised 90m with the help of a crane. There you will see a fantastic panorama of the city. After the jump, we take you to a pub. In addition, we arrange transport for you both ways.


Get ready for an adrenaline rush. You jump tandem with experienced instructors. Free fall lasts for approx. 1 minute and you fall at a speed of 240 km / h. This is an unforgettable experience. If you wish, everything can be filmed.


You get one or two dances from the city's most beautiful strippers. This is an additional attraction to transport or if you are going to have a VIP room in a nightclub. She can also get in the party bus dressed like a hitchhiker and perform the dance.

Nyotaimori (Body Sushi)

This is the Japanese practice of serving Sushi from the naked body of a woman. You will be served Sushi in a VIP room in one of the city's best Sushi restaurants.

Lesbian Show

Two of the city's best strippers will perform a dance for you and create a fantastic show that you will never forget

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